One UI tip: How to use lock screen widgets on your Galaxy phone

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When your Galaxy phone is locked, you can see a notification tray with lock screen widgets. You can use these widgets to do things like check the weather, see your calendar appointments, and more.

Lock screen widgets have been around for Galaxy smartphones since One UI 3.0. In fact, lock screen widgets have been missing in Android OS since Lollipop, when Samsung brought them back with the One UI 3.0 update. Lock screen widgets are still around in One UI 4.1, and today we’ll tell you all you need to know about them.

Enable lock screen widgets in One UI

Ppen the Settings app on your samsung phone. Then, go to “Lock screen” and tap “Widgets.”

Menu will show a list of available lock screen widgets, including Music, Today’s schedule, Alarm, Weather, TikTok, Voice Recorder, and Chat. Each of these widgets can be enabled or disabled individually.

Lock screen widgets will show up on the lock screen in the same order they’re listed in the widgets settings menu. They can be rearranged by tapping the “Reorder” button and dragging-dropping them in the preferred location. One UI users can also choose whether lock screen widgets should or shouldn’t be accessible from the Always On Display.

You can access lock screen widgets in One UI in two ways: on the lock screen or the Always On Display. To view widgets on the lock screen, simply tap the clock. If you want to view lock screen widgets on the Always On Display, double-tap the AOE clock and drag it up or down to reveal the list of widgets.

Access your lock screen widgets in One UI

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