New Galaxy Z Fold 4 Display Shows Improved Crease Compared To Previous Version!

9 months ago   @Umair   199   SamsungZ Fold4

In a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 display, Samsung has improved the crease compared to the previous version. The screen is now less likely to fold in on itself when you're using it. Samsung says that this improvement is due to a new design of the hinge.

Samsung has finally taken the wraps off of their new Galaxy Z Fold 4 display. The device, which had been seen in leaks and rumors for weeks leading up to its unveiling, offers up a number of improvements over the previous version. Chief among these is the reduced crease that is visible when the device is unfolded. This was a common complaint with the original Galaxy Z Fold, so it's good to see that Samsung has addressed it with this latest iteration.

In addition, Samsung has made some other changes to the design of the device. The bezels around the display are now thinner, and there's also a new hole-punch camera on the front. The overall effect is a more modern look for the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung could unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 on August 10 and release the devices a couple of weeks later. So, there’s still plenty of time left to find out exactly how less prominent the new foldable display crease might be. Indeed, the upgrade should apply to both phones, so stay tuned whether you’re a fan of the book-style foldable or the classic clamshell form factor.

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