Samsung Galaxy Android 13 Update: What's new?

It goes without saying that Android 13 for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets won’t arrive before the second half of this year. That’s because Samsung runs its own beta program…

@Umair / 9 months ago / 214 views

Eligible Samsung Galaxy devices for the Android 12 update

The Android 12 update is set to rollout for eligible devices in the coming weeks. However, before you can get your phone or tablet ready for the update, be sure…

@Umair / 9 months ago / 159 views

New Galaxy Z Fold 4 Display Shows Improved Crease Compared To Previous Version!

In a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 display, Samsung has improved the crease compared to the previous version. The screen is now less likely to fold in on itself when…

@Umair / 9 months ago / 199 views

One UI tip: How to use lock screen widgets on your Galaxy phone

When your Galaxy phone is locked, you can see a notification tray with lock screen widgets. You can use these widgets to do things like check the weather, see your…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 104 views

Samsung is working on the Galaxy S22 firmware with a new One UI

Samsung is working on the Galaxy S22 firmware with a new One UI. The new firmware is said to have a number of features, including new Animoji and…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 97 views

Galaxy A52 Receives Security Update Ahead of Schedule

Galaxy A52 Receives Security Update Ahead of Schedule
Samsung released a security update for the Galaxy A52 ahead of schedule, which includes an fix for a critical vulnerability. The…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 88 views

Finally! One UI 4.1.1 is coming this year

UI 4.1.1 is the latest version of the official Android user interface and it's finally coming this year! This update will bring a lot of new features and improvements to…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 128 views

Find my phone: Tips and tricks for locating your lost Samsung device

It’s not delicate to understand why we feel similar fear when our phones are lost. Our phones have come an extension of our lives. They store our most precious and…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 84 views

How to screenshot on your Galaxy phone like a pro!

If you’re looking to capture a screenshot or share something on your phone that you’ve just seen, then you should know how to do it like a pro. Screenshots can…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 85 views

Flashback: A Look at Samsung Galaxy Camera Tech over the Past

Looking back, it's hard to believe that Samsung's Galaxy Camera was released all the way back in 2013. At the time, the camera was one of the most advanced…

@Umair / 10 months ago / 145 views

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