How to test your internet speed

In today's world, internet speed is of utmost importance. With the increased dependence on online platforms for work, entertainment, and communication – having a reliable and fast internet connection has…

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Remove Samsung FRP with 5 easy steps

Samsung has established itself as one of the leading smartphone brands in the world. With a wide range of innovative features and sleek designs, Samsung smartphones have gained immense popularity…

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Galaxy Fold 6 might bring the design change that user are looking for

Samsung has been the leader in the smartphone market for a long time. The Galaxy series has created a sensation among users with its innovative features and sleek design. With…

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WhatsApp same account on multiple devices

WhatsApp has been a popular messaging app ever since it was introduced in 2009. It is widely used across the globe by millions of people, both for personal and business…

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Samsung Galaxy Android 13 Update: What's new?

It goes without saying that Android 13 for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets won’t arrive before the second half of this year. That’s because Samsung runs its own beta program…

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Eligible Samsung Galaxy devices for the Android 12 update

The Android 12 update is set to rollout for eligible devices in the coming weeks. However, before you can get your phone or tablet ready for the update, be sure…

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New Galaxy Z Fold 4 Display Shows Improved Crease Compared To Previous Version!

In a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 display, Samsung has improved the crease compared to the previous version. The screen is now less likely to fold in on itself when…

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How to Safely Backup and Restore Your Galaxy Data

Galaxy data can be a valuable asset, so it's important to protect it. This guide will show you how to safely backup and restore your Galaxy data.

Creating a backup…

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One UI tip: How to use lock screen widgets on your Galaxy phone

When your Galaxy phone is locked, you can see a notification tray with lock screen widgets. You can use these widgets to do things like check the weather, see your…

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Samsung is working on the Galaxy S22 firmware with a new One UI

Samsung is working on the Galaxy S22 firmware with a new One UI. The new firmware is said to have a number of features, including new Animoji and…

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