Best Online Term Life Insurance Sproutt

Certainly! Sproutt is an Insurtech company that offers a unique approach to life insurance. Here are some key points about Sproutt:

  1. Online Marketplace: Sproutt lets you shop for life insurance through an online marketplace. Using data and artificial intelligence, they connect you with a wide range of top life insurance options, providing flexible coverage amounts and terms
  2. Multiple Carriers: By working with various insurance providers, Sproutt gives you more options than a traditional insurance company. They collaborate with some of the best life insurance companies, offering diverse policies with different features and pricing options. This approach increases your chances of getting approved, even if you’ve been denied coverage in the past
  3. No Medical Exam: Sproutt offers policies without requiring a medical exam. This streamlined process allows you to get a life insurance quote and apply for coverage online in just a few simple steps
  4. Coverage Options: For a 35-year-old male daily smoker with excellent credit earning more than $25,000 annually, Sproutt recommends the following 30-year term options:
    • Basic: $100,000 coverage with $39 monthly premiums
    • Just Right: $200,000 coverage with $70 monthly premiums
    • Extended: $300,000 coverage with $90 monthly premiums

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